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Ad Specifications

Acceptable File Formats

All files must be 300 DPI.

  • High resolution PDFx-1a (Ads with a bleed must include bleed settings when creating PDF.)

  • TIFF, EPS and JPG files

  • Native application documents including InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator will be accepted. InDesign files must be packaged with linked images and fonts. For Illustrator files, please convert type to outline and include any placed images in a separate image folder.

  • Full color ads must be submitted in CMYK color mode. All spot colors must be converted to CMYK.

  • Black and White files must be set in grayscale mode.

  • * Documents using reverse type (white type on colored background) smaller than 9 point cannot be printed with guaranteed clarity.
  • * Scanning images from previously printed material (such as magazines or phone books) to use in your ad will not be suitable for print.


  • BLEED: Include 1/8" bleed on all sides if your creative is to TRIM; offset all printer marks by at least 1/8" from trim.
  • LIVE AREA: Be sure all important text and information is 1/4" in from trim on all sides (bleed ads only).