Blockchain Technology: From Hype to The Future


Blockchain Technology

The mysterious blockchain technology. Well, it was mysterious. In fact, at one point, it was futuristic. And there was so much hype around it, yet so many differences, that nobody really trusted it. But what happened? Blockchain technology moved from hype to the future. It’s something most people know about, understand, and are interested in … Read more

Account Takeover Fraud: Navigating the Treacherous Digital Waters


Ahmet Ocal, Platform Specialist, WhitePress

Account Takeover Fraud

In the bustling marketplace of online retail, where transactions occur at lightning speed and global boundaries blur, a silent guardian stands watch: eCommerce fraud prevention. This specialized armory, designed to combat the unique threats faced by online retailers, is instrumental in ensuring that the digital bazaar remains a haven of trust and reliability. The Guardian’s … Read more

The Use of Generative AI in DevOps


Shigraf Aijaz, Cybersecurity Writer and Journalist,

Generative AI in DevOps

Generative AI has emerged as a transformative technology in DevOps that revolutionizes software development and operation processes. According to market research, the Generative AI in the DevOps market will surpass approximately $22 million by the end of 2023 and will likely reach a registered CAGR of 38.20% by 2032. By utilizing the power of advanced … Read more

6 Signs You Need to Improve Your Enterprise Security


Daisy Alina, Author, Animus webs

Enterprise Security

In an era where technology lies squarely at the heart of corporate operations, a defense against the pervasive threat of cybercrime is no longer optional but essential. The escalating complexity of cyber-attacks calls for a proactive, diligent response that leaves no stone unturned. But, as the urgency for protection escalates, do you fully grasp the … Read more

Safeguarding Personal Identity Information: Protecting Your Devices at Home and on Mobile Phones


Karen Austin, CEO, United States Cybersecurity Magazine

Safeguarding Personal Identity

Introduction: In today’s digital age, protecting Personal Identity Information (PII) is more crucial than ever. With an increasing number of cyber threats, it is essential to take proactive measures to safeguard our personal data on devices at home and on mobile phones. This article aims to provide practical tips to help individuals protect their PII … Read more

Are Viruses, Worms, and Malware The Same Thing?


Shigraf Aijaz, Cybersecurity Writer and Journalist,

Viruses, Worms, Malware

Viruses, worms, and malware have somewhat become a buzzword, causally tossed around in conversations related to cybersecurity. However, since these terms are often associated with significant security issues and data breaches, it is crucial to gain better insight into what each of these terms means.  Are Viruses, Worms, and Malware The Same Thing? In common … Read more

Building a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Strategy With Cyber Insurance


Oscar Collins, Editor-in-Chief, Modded

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance is an absolute must-have for any business that stores important data online, has a large customer base or deals with valuable digital assets. Cyber professionals check all three of those boxes. This guide demonstrates how cyber insurance plays a key role in building a comprehensive, bulletproof cybersecurity strategy. Types of Cyber Insurance Coverage … Read more