Aircraft Networks Face New Cybersecurity Challenges in 2023


Oscar Collins, Editor-in-Chief, Modded

aircraft networks cybersecurity challenges

Airlines provide crucial international infrastructure, especially considering how much national security relies on aircraft. Cybercriminals know that disrupting this system can lead to big payoffs if the airline networks don’t have optimal protection. Below, we cover the primary risks cybersecurity professionals should prepare for this year. These threats will likely continue as long as airlines … Read more

AI May Not Steal Your Job, But It Could Eliminate It with A Devastating Cyber-Attack


Mark Hamill, Director of Product Management, Cobalt

AI & Cyber-Attacks

Cybersecurity is an industry that evolves fast.  Systems are more complex, more critical, and more public than ever. However, there is another element to this trend.  Cybersecurity moves fast because threats and nefarious actors move even faster. Techniques to compromise systems and evade detection become more and more sophisticated, and it’s about to get a … Read more

4 Tips for Making Cybersecurity Awareness Programs More Human-Centric


Perry Carpenter, Chief Evangelist and Security Officer, KnowBe4

Human-Centric Cybersecurity

Studies show that the primary root cause of cyber-attacks often boils down to a human factors issue. And organizations are taking note, increasingly turning to security training to improve security knowledge and avoid putting users and the organization at risk. But the effectiveness of security training has long been debated. Studies show that most employees … Read more

Understanding and Accepting CSF 2.0: Changes Coming to the Cybersecurity Framework


Daniel Emeruem, Systems Administrator, Emerald Technical Solutions

Lauren Beward, Senior Cybersecurity Specialist, ArCybr

CSF Cybersecurity Framework

In January 2023, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released its concept paper outlining proposed changes to the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF). Before publishing a formal draft, NIST is socializing these ideas to obtain feedback and refine updates. Clarifying Potential Applications The first change involves broadening CSF’s application and scope to cover more use … Read more

Securing Data Throughout the Digital Transformation Process


Miles Oliver, Author,

Digital Transformation

Operating a successful business has never been easy, but in today’s increasingly crowded and competitive market, the challenges have perhaps never been greater. To survive, businesses must be leaner and more efficient than ever before. And, for many businesses, the key to longevity and prosperity in the current operating environment is digital transformation. Digitizing operations … Read more

Understanding IoMT Security


Miles Oliver, Author,

IoMT Security

The advent of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is truly revolutionizing patient care, promising to alleviate much of the burden on an already struggling healthcare system. For all the breathtaking potential of the IoMT, however, there are equally significant risks. More specifically, IoMT security is a deep and growing concern both as technologies proliferate … Read more

How to Create a Cybersecurity Plan for Your Small Business


Tanmay Luniya, SEO Executive, Youths Era

cybersecurity plan

As a small business owner, it’s essential to protect your company’s data and systems from cyber threats. With the increasing reliance on technology and the internet for communication and conducting business, it’s more important than ever to have a solid cybersecurity plan in place. Below are six steps you can follow to create a cybersecurity … Read more

How Cryptocurrency Impacts Cybersecurity


Simonas Kičas, Marketing Manager, Acceleron Media

Cryptocurrency Cybersecurity

22% of surveyed companies in the United States lost between $100,000 and $499,000 to cyber-attacks in 2022. That is only one segment, as 4% lost over a million dollars to cybercrime. So, how do cryptocurrencies fit into this menace? The crypto world today is so different than it was, say, a decade ago. People have … Read more

How to Protect Employees Against 5 New Cybersecurity Threats


Oscar Collins, Editor-in-Chief, Modded

Rising Threats

Cybersecurity is a continually changing field. As businesses resolve old vulnerabilities, attackers develop new strategies that work around them. Defenses must repeatedly evolve to remain secure. If employers want to keep their employees safe, they must stay on top of emerging cybercrime trends. Some threats, like social engineering, aren’t new but are experiencing significant growth. … Read more

Telegram: A Thriving Hub of Criminal Activity


Shigraf Aijaz, Cybersecurity Writer and Journalist,


Secure messaging platforms have long since been in the middle of ethical debates, primarily over their use. They indeed allow users a chance to attain the online security they deserve and help protect personal information from data snoopers. In contrast, it is also true that these platforms can become the hub of cybercriminal activity due … Read more