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DoDIN APL Summit

October 22 @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm EDT

DoDIN APL Summit

Keynote Speakers

Major General Mitchell KilgoMajor General Garrett Yee
Commanding General Assistant to the Director

The Department of Defense Information Network (DoDIN) is a key component of the nation’s critical infrastructure providing stability and security in protecting our domestic and global interests.  The DoD must take all measures to ensure offensive and defensive strength of the network to combat invisible adversaries, threats and attacks. 

The inaugural DoDIN APL Summit is designed to provide attendees from across the DoD the opportunity to learn and expand their understanding of the DODIN APL and its requirements as well as open dialogue between all key stakeholders.  Government and industry experts will discuss the procurement process and potential challenges and the importance of buying products from the APL to protect our nation’s security, as well as give attendees the opportunity to interact live in the virtual exhibit hall with APL vendors.

The speed of technological change is exponential, but the adoption is linear.  DoDIN requirements outpace the implementation of security-architected products due to the exhaustive, yet necessary, certification process.  Can the APL community work in parallel to close the gap between vendor product/version release and government-approved use on sensitive networks?

To achieve DoDIN APL status, vendors must architect products that meet the highest security without sacrificing interoperability.  The APL is an acquisition decision-support tool based on a rigorous, product testing, validation, certification, and selection process.  In selecting COTS products from the DoDIN APL, decision makers across DoD ensure the products they use have met the “gold-standard” for network protection.

Leaders set the direction by helping others see what lies ahead and rising to the challenges.  Network administrators, cyber professionals, technologists, and procurement officials can lead by example by choosing to leverage the DoDIN APL to its fullest extent.  Use of the DoDIN APL, in lieu of waivers or branch-specific product lists, provides risk mitigation for DoD organizations interested in procuring products to add to the DISN to support their mission.

In 2011, the DoD created the DoDIN APL to identify solutions that were tested and trusted to address government concerns. DISA defines the DoDIN Approved Product List (APL) as the single, consolidated list of products that have completed cybersecurity and interoperability certification.
The APL process is used to test and certify products that affect communication and collaboration across the DoDIN and is an acquisition decision support tool for DoD organizations interested in procuring equipment to add to the DISN to support their mission.The APL offers DoD decision makers the knowledge that rigorous due diligence has been conducted, resulting in an increased level of confidence the equipment being selected will be the best choice with regards to cost, effectiveness, and security without sacrificing operability. As of 2020, more than 80 vendors have achieved DoDIN APL certification.
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