Intel Suffers Data Leak Containing 20GB of Information

Caleb Townsend
Staff Writer   United States Cybersecurity Magazine

Semiconductor chip manufacturer Intel is investigating a data breach, revealing 20 gigabytes of their internal documents leaked online. The data came to Twitter via Till Kottmann, a Swedish Android developer with a self proclaimed history of data leaks. Yesterday at noon, Kottmann tweeted, “Intel exconfidential Lake Platform Release 😉 This is the first 20gb release in a series of large Intel leaks. Most of the things here have NOT been published ANYWHERE before and are classified as confidential, under NDA or Intel Restricted Secret.”

Some of the content of the links include:

  • Intel ME Bringup guides
  • Roadmaps
  • Silicon/FPS code packages
  • Intel Marketing Material Templates
  • Intel Development and Debugging Tools

The data is currently floating around BitTorrent websites. Kottmann claims that this data leak is the first in a series of leaks related to Intel. Additionally, Kottmann claims that the information came to him by someone who “hacked” Intel. However, Intel denies this, and responded in an official statement that they are currently investigated the situation. “The information appears to come from the Intel Resource and Design Center”, Intel continues, “which hosts information for use by our customers, partners, and other external parties who have registered for access. We believe an individual with access downloaded and shared this data.”

Though the link is widely available for download around Twitter, downloading anything from an untrusted source can put you at risk for viruses.

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