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Wind River® is a global leader in delivering software for connected intelligent systems. Our solutions and services deliver everything needed to secure your hardware and software, protect communication between devices and across systems, safeguard them over time, and respond quickly as new threats emerge. What’s more, our development processes and security capabilities meet rigorous requirements in place across many industries.

Our technology is found in billions of products and is backed by world-class professional services, award-winning customer support, and a broad partner ecosystem. At Wind River, we help companies meet their security objectives in the IoT era with technologies and expertise in the following areas:

Different devices, systems, and industries have varying security requirements and often require a custom touch. Our Professional Services can deliver a consultative process to determine the type and level of security appropriate for your project. Using the security principles of the CIA triad model, our assessment will help you understand the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability considerations of your system architecture, set security policies, and guide your security investments. We can help you build in security from step one and for every stage of the process.

Knowing that savvy attackers could find vulnerabilities in even the most secure systems,
Wind River has developed a best-in-class incident response process. Our team actively monitors a variety of sources (NIST, US-CERT) through the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) database at, will proactively notify you of potential vulnerabilities that might impact supported Wind River products, and will offer resolution measures even before the community is aware of the vulnerability. Our response process helps protect devices from cyber-attacks even after product deployment.

With built-in security capabilities, our software offerings enable you to implement comprehensive security that minimizes attack surfaces end to end, from devices through communications networks and gateways to the cloud. Our offerings follow a strict security development process from assessment through deployment, providing reassurance that these solutions are highly secure and reliable for mission-critical IoT systems.

Is your company’s security strategy ready for the data that digital transformation is going to generate?

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The core capabilities that have been the hallmark of Wind River software for more than 40 years are more important than ever as we continue to accelerate digital transformation of mission-critical intelligent systems.

Our portfolio includes rigorously tested and certified tools and technologies to meet specific regulatory and safety performance requirements.

Our products provide a comprehensive set of security features to efficiently and effectively safeguard devices, data, and intellectual property in the connected world, securing it while it is at rest inside devices and when it travels across the network and into cloud environments. Our built-in security capabilities and security services offering, along with our development processes, meet rigorous security requirements across industries.

As makers of the industry’s first Real-Time Operating System (RTOS), ensuring the highest levels of computing performance is second nature for us. Now, we are helping bring such performance standards to the IoT and intelligent edge.

Our portfolio of solutions will enable you to deliver secure devices and systems that are ready to counter the most sophisticated cyberattacks of today and tomorrow:

VxWorks: The Leading Real-Time Operating System (RTOS)

The market leader for embedded devices, VxWorks® has long been the de facto real-time operating system for mission-critical systems. VxWorks provides built-in security capabilities such as kernel hardening, access control, time and space partitioning, secure boot, and cryptographic services, and it adds advanced security capabilities for design, boot, runtime, and power down.

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Wind River Simics: Simulation Software to Automate Testing

A single software bug can open the door to potential vulnerabilities, but simulated systems can enable you to automate testing to protect against security threats. Simics® offers both automated testing and unparalleled control, enabled by the most advanced simulation technologies on the market.

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Wind River Linux: A Custom Linux OS Builder

Wind River Linux combines the latest code from the most important open source technologies with commercial grade security vulnerability protection, enabling you to leverage the flexibility of open source without compromising security. In addition, Wind River adds a variety of security features such as access control, memory protection, identification and authentication, cryptographic services, secure networking, and system auditing to enhance the security of community Linux.

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Wind River Titanium Security Suite: Anti-tampering and Linux Hardening

This solution provides an additional layer of Linux security with allow listing and hardening capabilities. Compatible as a standalone for Wind River Linux or your other Linux distro of choice.

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Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform

Virtualization software that consolidates multi-OS and mixed-criticality applications onto a single edge compute software platform that delivers carrier grade security, high integrity (i.e., monitoring, recovery), and confidentiality (i.e., secure storage, encryption).

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