DevOps Market: Novel Approaches & Products

Pratik Gundawar

How to Bring a Boom to the DevOps Market

With competitive pressure increasing drastically and the digital economy progressing considerably, enterprises need to figure out new ways to plan, develop, and add value. Therefore, to adapt to digital transformation efficiently, DevOps has become a necessity to eliminate technical and cultural constraints for offering value rapidly. Unfortunately, the conservative nature of IT enterprises has led to slower adoption of DevOps. Additionally, many organizations still need to adopt them for efficient processes.

The adoption would enhance the efficiency of operational processes and reduce downtime in the development life cycle of software. New launches of services have been taking place by tech giants and startups to assist other organizations to continue their operations with minimal service disruptions. Taking security into consideration from the start of the application development cycle would save a lot of trouble. Additionally, it would make DevOps more secure. Market players have also been updating their current products to make DevOps more accessible based on the requirements.

With the rise in the need for efficient business processes, the adoption for DevOps increases. The market for DevOps is booming. According to the research firm Allied Market Research, the global DevOps market should reach $9.40 billion by 2023. This figure is growing at a CAGR of 18.7% from 2017 to 2023. Following are some of the activities taking place in the industry:

The First Suite of Services to Minimize Disruptions

Gulf Coast DevOps launched its first suite of services with integrated business assurance services and a Reference Architecture. These services will enable IT Operations teams to manage projects with minimal disruptions in service while adapting to digital transformation. This step aligns with its aim to empower IT organizations to attain efficiency and continuity. This can be done through effective identification and triage of events that impact IT services.

Scott Kimmelman, Founder & CEO, GCDO, outlined that it has become significant to implement dynamic digital transformation strategy without putting current operations at risk and hampering customer expectations. Building upon the collective experience to speed up digital transformation and reduce disruption, GCDO helps in the management of business operations. The company strives to enable clients to reduce complexity and innovate.

Likewise, the ITOps processes would eliminate barriers between IT operations and software development through aligning objectives of an organization with technology. Commenting on new product suite and organization’s practices in DevOps for ITOps, Kelly Ronan, Chief Solutions Architect outlined that there will be a reduction in complexity and improvement in outcomes.

Security as a Part of DevOps Conversations

Naturally, as the software is delivered faster and operational processes are managed efficiently, there is another issue that is taking place, known as security. Companies invest a huge amount of money to implement new software along with updating applications to achieve speed and innovation. However, they often overlook cybersecurity. Therefore, achieving the utmost level of security is essential and security is a part of DevOps conversations.

CyberArk analyzed nearly 1,000 CISOs across the world to assess the way to make DevOps more secure. According to a report from CyberArk, there needs to be a holistic approach for security from the beginning of the application development cycle. In the report, the DevOps term is not present. Meanwhile, Brian Kelly, the head of Conjur Engineering at CyberArk, outlined that the term has not been used as it implies that security is something that can be implemented after the development of apps.

However, this approach can lead to bigger issues related to operation and development. After all, the report makes it crystal clear that security is a part of DevOps conversation. Therefore, it should be included as a part of hiring, training, feature design, road map creation, coding standards, and others. As a matter of fact, the tools that make DevOps successful are a major target for cyber-criminals. Therefore, engaging cybersecurity from the start is essential.

DevOps Needs to Become More Accessible

Making DevOps more accessible would enable businesses to cater to their needs. Additionally, it would make processes more efficient. For example, Electric Cloud released the updated version of the ElectricFlow platform for efficient management of DevOps. This version would help users to transform their platforms based on their needs. Sam Fell, the Vice President of Marketing for Electric Cloud, outlined the latest version. During this outlying, he stated it would help end users to select different personas to fit the role of their organizations. Each persona would offer a user interface to match the level of detail that organizations need.

This approach would make the DevOps platform more accessible to a wide number of end users. Additionally, he stated that platforms like these have been incorporating high levels of automation through machine learning algorithms. The company always strives for facilitating DevOps professionals to gain value from its platform. The latest version features a custom task-oriented login experience along with bookmarking facility with which users can have faster access to pages. Moreover, there are releases and pipeline templates to facilitate on-boarding on the basis of user-created events and code check-ins in the Git repository. The accessibility would make things easier for organizations with the implementation of the DevOps platform.  

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