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Hello, I am Karen Austin, CEO and Founder of the United States Cybersecurity Magazine. In this video, I will illustrate ways that we’ve helped connect various Educational Institutions to our cybersecurity audience by focusing on three specific case studies.

These case studies encapsulate the specific steps we take to build trust with your potential students and make sure they know who you are and what you do!

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Larry Letow

Larry Letow



"I have enjoyed a great relationship with the United States Cybersecurity Magazine in many capacities - as a reader, author, and co-producer of events. They are a first-class organization where perfection is the norm."

Diane Janosek

Diane Janosek

Commandant, National Cryptologic School

National Security Agency

The United States Cybersecurity Magazine is a one-stop-shop to learn more emerging technologies and topics in the field of Cybersecurity.

This field is incredibly diverse and constantly evolving due to increasingly sophisticated cyber threats and attack vectors. I look forward to every new issue/edition to stay current on hot topics, and I also appreciate the accessibility of prior issues. If I encounter a topic for which I am unfamiliar, I immediately look to United States Cybersecurity Magazine first. 

I love their sections, such as industry and best practices, training and workforce development, threat intelligence, and Cybersecurity policy and law. Thank you for a tremendous, up-to-date resource for Cybersecurity professionals across all business sectors in all 50 states!”

Bradford Rand

Bradford Rand


Cyber Security Summit

"Karen is one of the most passionate publishing professionals I have ever worked with. She is always looking for ways to promote her clients such as the conferences from our very beginning. She is a real pleasure to work with!"