Are Businesses Prepared to Fight Bot Attacks on APIs?


Vinugayathri Chinnasamy, Senior Content Writer, Indusface

Are Businesses Prepared to Fight Bot Attacks on APIs

According to a new report, API attacks exploded in 2021 as malicious bots continued to invade the internet. Compared to last year’s data collection, there was an increase of 41% in attacks on Internet-connected systems. Media companies (up 174%) and financial services companies (683 million bot attacks) have seen increases in malicious bot attacks from January … Read more

Bad Networking: What is a Botnet?


Patrick Putman, ,

Botnet Bot Herder

What is a Botnet? There are countless threats to computer security. Many of these threats are nothing more than good technologies used for bad reasons. One example of this is a botnet. Short for “Robot Network,” it is a group of connected computers controlled by software. This software is then used to perform a specific … Read more