What is Credential-Stuffing?  And How Bad Actors Use it to Attack You


Karen Austin, CEO, United States Cybersecurity Magazine

What is credential-stuffing

Hackers have increasingly been using a type of cybersecurity attack called credential-stuffing to gain access to your online accounts and steal your personal information.  Credential-stuffing is a form of automated attack that involves hackers using stolen usernames and passwords to gain access to user accounts.  By leveraging large collections of stolen credentials, hackers can quickly … Read more

How Cybercriminals Use Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) to Hack Cars


Oscar Collins, Editor-in-Chief, Modded

Use VINs to Hack Cars

During the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber theft increased dramatically. Cybercriminals use malware and ransomware attacks to exploit vulnerable people on the internet. These thieves have become more intelligent and can go past computers and cell phones by taking advantage of people’s cars through the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). So, how are these cybercriminals using VINs to … Read more

4 Food and Beverage Cybersecurity Challenges: How to Overcome Them


Brian Deken, NA Commercial Manager, Rockwell Automation

Food and Beverage Cybersecurity Challenges

The June 2021 ransomware attack on JBS Foods that knocked out the plant operations supplying roughly a fifth of the United States’ meat supply and created shortages across the country proved not only that no industry is immune to cyber-attack, but also that consumer packaged goods, food and beverage manufacturing is a critical industry. In … Read more

Cyber Whistleblowing: What Employers Should Know


Frankie Wallace, ,

Cyber Whistleblowing

As businesses adopt emerging technologies like AI and VR, professional lives are growing more connected to the internet and, therefore, the world. While this can drastically improve efficiency and contribute to business growth, it has also led to a rise in cyber-attacks — and not just for tech companies. Cybercrime is affecting industries beyond tech, … Read more