Investigating iOS Phishing Using Virtualization Technology


Anthony Ricco, Chief Marketing Officer, Corellium

Phishing Attacks

Virtualization became a powerful tool in agile development due to its versatility and capability to deliver solutions quickly. It is no surprise then that security engineers are also turning to this technology, like Corellium, in order to investigate phishing attacks against iOS devices. As phishing attacks become more and more sophisticated – and it’s only … Read more

The Rising Threat of Mobile Phishing Attacks: Why Your Organization Needs to Prepare


Shigraf Aijaz, Cybersecurity Writer and Journalist,

Mobile Phishing Attacks

The growth of mobile devices in the workplace has turned mobile phishing into a significant opportunity for malicious actors, and it’s therefore a growing concern for organizations. With mobile phishing, the attacker sends links to phishing websites via SMS messages, where they ask for your credentials. One study estimates that 75% of phishing websites specifically … Read more