Safeguarding Personal Identity Information: Protecting Your Devices at Home and on Mobile Phones


Karen Austin, CEO, United States Cybersecurity Magazine

Safeguarding Personal Identity

Introduction: In today’s digital age, protecting Personal Identity Information (PII) is more crucial than ever. With an increasing number of cyber threats, it is essential to take proactive measures to safeguard our personal data on devices at home and on mobile phones. This article aims to provide practical tips to help individuals protect their PII … Read more

Addressing Cybersecurity Issues in Telehealth


Frankie Wallace, ,

Cybersecurity issues in Telehealth

The healthcare industry has been notoriously lackluster when it comes to cybersecurity for a long time now. The long story short is that doctors are more focused on caring for their physical patients than they are on worrying about their data. That is on top of the fact that major health issues like COVID-19 are … Read more

Digital ID Proofing: Testing…Now Complete


Karen Austin, CEO, United States Cybersecurity Magazine

Digital ID Proofing: Testing...Now Complete

Digital Identity (ID) Proofing—also known as digital identity authentication or digital ID verification using computer technology—is an increasingly important aspect of online security.  Even if you’re doing business only online, you still need to be sure that your customers are who they say they are and that the information you collect about them is accurate.  … Read more

Cyber Self-Defense Is Not Complicated


A.J. Nash, Vice President of Intelligence, ZeroFOX

Cyber Self-Defense

Whether it be texts that include personal content not meant for public consumption, emails, hard drives, cloud storage containing sensitive business information, or the endless supply of finance transaction data that most of us pass across the Internet daily, few people in the modern world are immune to the threat of a cyber-attack. Hence, the importance … Read more