Blockchain Smart Contracts and Supply Chain Security


Miles Oliver, Author,

Blockchain Smart Contracts

With the ignominious demise of FTX in recent months, cryptocurrency has been much in the news of late for all the wrong reasons. The reality, however, is that blockchain technologies, through which the various cryptocurrencies operate, offer significant promise in spurring efficiency and security across industries. This is particularly true of the supply chain. In … Read more

6 Data-Backed Predictions for Cybersecurity in 2023


Oscar Collins, Editor-in-Chief, Modded

Cybersecurity in 2023

Changes in technology happen rapidly. Innovations emerge as people and companies conduct business every day. Tech can be a significant benefit or a detriment when cybercriminals take advantage of innocent people and attack their vulnerabilities. These attacks are likely to continue, but there are means of mitigation. With that in mind, here are six data-backed … Read more