From the Summer 2017 Issue

Is There A Cybersecurity Labor Shortage or Vision Deficit?


Gary Merry, CEO, Deep Run Security Services, LLC

To understand the status of cybersecurity today, think of it as a young mountain that has formed atop the tectonics of business and technology. The mountain has grown explosively, pushed by the upwelling of industry needs; as the peak elevates, instead of a broader and more secure plateau, it provides less foundation as it loses … Read more

From the Winter 2017 Issue

Train Like You Fight: Cyber Workforce Alignment


Chad Carroll, Chief Strategy Officer, Chiron Technology Services, Inc.

Over the past few years, industry surveys have highlighted the demand for technically skilled cybersecurity professionals, exposing a fundamental workforce shortcoming. The way industry identifies, trains and validates cybersecurity skills is outdated and misaligned. If the current training paradigm continues, the workforce will not grow in a manner responsive to the threat environment, and we … Read more