VPN vs Zero-Trust Network Access


Lauren Abshire, Director of Content Strategy, United States Cybersecurity Magazine

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) has provided remote workers with privacy while they are connected to a public connection for many years. While zero-trust is newer, it has proven to be quite effective. Especially in an age where remote work continues to increase, as does cyber-attacks. Noticeably, on VPNs. This begs the question, which is more … Read more

WordPress Plugin, Ninja Forms, Makes Websites Vulnerable


Ninja Forms is a WordPress plugin utilized by more than 1 million sites. This allows designers to create forms using drag-and-drop capability without coding skills. This WordPress plugin contains four critical security bugs that allow hackers to take over a WordPress site. These four bugs allow lower-privileged users, even those who simply register for a … Read more

The Basics of Network Security


Liraz Postan, Content Expert,

Today, enhancing network security is one of the top priorities for all types of businesses and organizations. Looking back to the 1950s where network security started, the topic initiated as soon as people began realizing that there’s an intrinsic value in details and data that they have. This has happened in different events as the … Read more

Overcoming Work-From-Home (WFH) Challenges are the Secret to Cybersecurity Success This Year


Stefan Maraj, Staff Writer, United States Cybersecurity Magazine

2020 was a mixed year as far as the cybersecurity community was concerned. On one hand, the raw figures are hard to argue with – a new Cloud Security Report 2021 from Wandera found 52% of organizations dealt with a malware incident in 2020, up from 37% in 2019. Cyber threats are growing across the … Read more

Millennials & Gen Z & Online Privacy


Yaryna Myrka, Content Writer (Freelance), Content Marketing Manager, nect WORLD


Recently, the concept of online privacy has attained a somewhat paradoxical vibe to it. On the one hand, the common wisdom posits it as our inalienable right that we keep losing to big corporations. On the other hand, more and more people seem to abandon it in favor of free services willingly – at least … Read more