5 Ways A Proxy Can Benefit Your Business

James Keenan
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Whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or just a casual user, you’ve almost certainly heard of proxies before. They can be used in your everyday life or in business. There are many different types of proxies, each with their own distinct purpose. To choose the best proxy for your business needs, you need to know how it can help you make more sales and get more traffic.

What is a Proxy?

A proxy acts as an intermediary between end-users and websites. This means that it acts as a gateway. When you send out a web request, a proxy forwards the request to the website. When a response is received, it is collected and sent back to you.

This arrangement only reveals your proxy’s IP address to the website you’re visiting, meaning your actual IP address stays a secret. Since your proxy’s IP address can be changed whenever you want, it’s much easier to browse the web safely and remain anonymous.

How a Proxy Benefits Your Business

1. It can protect your company from potential data leaks.

It is not just major corporations and social media giants that suffer from data leaks. They can happen to any corporation, regardless of its size. Your company’s computers store hundreds of gigabytes of data. You do not want it falling into the wrong hands. 

When your employees visit an unauthorized site, you run the risk of your data leaking to internet trolls or, worse, someone who’s been waiting to collect your data. In the best-case scenario, this is merely embarrassing for your company. In the worst-case scenario, things can get ugly and fast (think expensive lawyers, lengthy legal proceedings, and the works).

A proxy can prevent this from happening in your workplace. With it, you’ll avoid any embarrassment, and most importantly, secure your company’s private data.

2. It can prevent data collection.

Let’s be honest: Most of our employees aren’t working all the time. While the occasional YouTube video won’t lead to your company’s demise, attempting to access sketchy websites might.

As discussed in the previous point, using a proxy can prevent your data from being compromised when your employees visit an unauthorized site. Some website owners intentionally design their sites for mining the data of visitors so they can develop insights into their customers’ search behaviors. 

This usually involves low-risk activities such as logging what time customers access their site. However, in more severe cases, it can involve recording a computer’s IP address and trying to locate it. Most computers in the workplace are linked together, so the probability of a large data leak is highly likely. It only takes one keystroke to ruin decades of hard work, so please, use a proxy.

3. It can help your business activities remain anonymous.

A proxy can help you conceal your IP address and your location. This means you can surf as if you are in an entirely different country, effectively negating the chances of any hacker being able to locate you or identify your computer. Since only your proxy’s IP address will be visible to websites you visit, you will be completely anonymous online. 

Proxies’ IP addresses rotate at random or at scheduled intervals; therefore, you can be certain that you won’t be tracked while online. Using a proxy will also unlock access to geo-restricted content, allowing you to get all the data you need.

4.  It can help you market your business on YouTube.

After Google, YouTube is the go-to place to get a question answered. If you can get your business to rank high in YouTube’s search rankings and get your videos recommended to people, you can build a large following.

This is where a proxy comes in. A proxy coupled with bots allows you to grow faster on YouTube. Bots essentially act as viewers and send positive signals to the YouTube algorithm. This is It is important because the most significant factors that affect how the YouTube algorithm treats a video are high watch time, likes and new subscribers.

Watch time refers to how much of the video a viewer watches. Higher watch time sends a positive signal to the algorithm. Using bots, you can increase your overall watch time by getting bots to binge-watch your content. In turn, this allows the algorithm to notice that your account is doing well, and it will begin to rank your content higher than it did previously.

This applies to likes and new subscribers as well. You can automate bots to like each video you post and subscribe to your channel repeatedly, giving you the head start you need to compete with more prominent YouTube channels.

5.  It can help your company run multiple social media accounts without getting blacklisted.

Marketing is the only thing keeping your business solutions from your target audience. Any business running social media accounts will soon discover that they can only run a maximum of five accounts at one time. The reason social media outlets limit account numbers is two-fold: web requests and the platform you are using.

Running multiple social media accounts can raise red flags due to the high number of web requests one computer will be sending out. Servers can see that all the requests are coming from one IP address, so they’ll either block the IP address, preventing you from accessing the site, or they will send a CAPTCHA to confirm you are human

At other times, the platform you’re using might limit accounts that one user can have. This is to prevent bots from abusing the system; however, it can significantly hinder your business’ ability to effectively market itself in the long term.

A proxy solves both of these issues. It hides your IP address from servers, allowing you to browse anonymously and send out as many web requests as you would like. This means you can run as many social media accounts as you need, without any slowdowns, getting blocked, or dealing with an infuriating CAPTCHA.

We bet proxies are sounding really appealing now! You can explore proxies without limits here.

James Keenan

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