9 Ways You Can Use Raspberry Pi to Improve Your Life

Rina Richell
SEO Analytics Manager  

Raspberry Pi Foundation, a UK charity, created a series of single-board computers. The purpose of the innovation was to educate people in computing and make it easier for more people to access computing education.

The Raspberry Pi was launched in 2012 and has rolled out several variations since then. Indeed, this innovation has moved on to change the world in ways that no one ever imagined. These single-board computers are beneficial to many sectors and are far more popular than originally anticipated. As of December 2019, more than 30 million boards were sold! People use them to learn to program, create hardware projects, kickstart industrial applications, and improve home networking. They are also popular in robotics and weather monitoring.

Innovative Uses of Raspberry Pi

In so many ways, the Raspberry Pi is changing the world. It’s a multi-purpose device that is used to accomplish diverse tasks. It’s incredibly versatile considering the low cost and can be used in a wide variety of projects, from emulators to ad blocks.

Makes Learning Programming Easy

Raspberry Pi has built-in software that enables you to learn to program. Coding can be challenging to for the uninitiated. However, the built-in software makes the learning process a lot more engaging. Additionally, it’s accessible for kids and makes programming feel like an exciting skill to learn.

With Raspberry Pi 4 working as the processor, anyone can quickly build a laptop; with the pi-topOS, you can make a laptop with an inbuilt software that teaches children programming.

Make Your Own Twitter Bot

You can automate your tweets with python code that runs on Raspberry Pi. Often, small business owners can get a lot of mileage out of Twitter bots, particularly in programming them to automatically answer messages after business hours are over. Bots can also help in automating the promotion and proliferation of your account and associated products.

Writing a Twitter bot is easy using Python. However, Raspberry Pi is the ideal tool to execute the code. This automation has helped individuals and businesses to make most of their Twitter accounts with less manual work.

Code Electronics for Physical Projects

Raspberry Pi can be used to code electronics for physical projects. However, this is a project for those who already know how to code. As an open-source project, it puts you in control as opposed to using a proprietary closed system. People have used it to create their own handheld Atari/Nintendo emulators, gaming devices that can hold classic games from any console.

Raspberry Pi Makes Owning Security Camera Easy

Security cameras are vital. However, not everyone can find an affordable security system. Thankfully, you can leverage Raspberry Pi hardware into a surprisingly reliable make-shift wireless security camera. With Raspberry Pi Zero W and Raspberry Pi4 cameras, you can be in control of your house (live stream) from a remote location. It’s also very cost-effective, especially in comparison to other systems.

Innovation in Language Translation

Even though technology has made it much easier for people from different parts of the world to come together, language is still a significant barrier for many. However, the advent of technology has bred many solutions to help people from different background communicate with each other. With a Raspberry Pi 4, you can create a universal language translator that operates in real-time.

With the appropriate equipment – a wireless microphone and a speech recognition library for the software – you can overcome the language barrier. To enjoy this breakthrough, select the language you want to translate to and begin the communication with the other party. This automated form of translation has been groundbreaking. However, it has not fully developed to translate into cultural customs and contexts. If you’d like serious translation services for other purposes than minor day-to-day translations, you can partner with legitimate providers that can cater to your needs and demands.

Boosting Wi-FI Signal

Sometimes we find ourselves in areas where the Wi-Fi signal is low. In such a situation, finding a way to strengthen the signal is necessary. A Raspberry Pi with wireless capability can boost the signal by turning it into a WiFi extender. In fact, you can achieve this with a USB Wi-Fi adapter. The adapter works by repeating the Wi-Fi signal.

Automating Medication Dispensing

Raspberry Pi has helped in simplifying patient care. With it, hospitals and caregivers can create a medication dispenser that responds to signals from Raspberry Pi. The dispenser is coded to discharge pills when medication time is due. All the caregiver has to do is to control the dispenser over the internet from any location. This has helped in preventing patients from missing their medications.

Block Ads on Your Network

If you detest ad interruptions while browsing, there is a way you can block ads with Raspberry Pi and pi-hole. Pi-hole is an open-source software project that blocks ads by routing all ad servers into what a DNS sinkhole, by giving out a false result for a domain name. This method is increasingly popular as ads become more ubiquitous. Pi-hole is notable for also being about to block ads in unconventional spaces that other adblockers cannot affect easily – such as smart TVs or smartphones

Set Up a VPN Server on Raspberry Pi

You can use Raspberry Pi to build a Raspberry Pi VPN server. To make a Raspberry Pi VPN server, you need a Raspberry Pi board, a compatible Linux operating system, a VPN provider, a power supply, a microSD card for hosting the operating systems, and more. Building a robust VPN server requires that you use a proficient VPN provider.