Alternatives to Browse the Internet More Securely

Rina Richell
SEO Analytics Manager  

Browsing the internet can expose your business to a wide array of security risks. In a single browsing session, you can expose your search preferences, activate cooking and tons of other tracking techniques, and even reveal sensitive information on your computer. Additionally, all these can happen even when you’re visiting a reputable site.

Regardless of the risks, a large number of business users don’t practice secure browsing and depend on popular browsers like Google Chrome and Opera Browser to keep them safe. While these popular browsers are fast and dependable, they still expose your sensitive data, browsing history, and location. Here are 7 alternatives to browse the web more securely.

Iridium Browser

Iridium is a reliable and secure Chromium-based browser built with privacy in mind. It can be a great choice for anyone looking for a browser that accepts Chrome extensions, while also providing a higher level of privacy than what Chrome will offer you. Although Iridium is compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux, there’s no version for Android and iOS mobile devices.


Firefox is an excellent versatile browser for anonymity and security. It provides robust privacy protection features, a wide array of customization options, great security, and constant updates with a hands-on development team. The latest Firefox version is quick and light-weight, with a wealth of privacy customization options. Some of the customizations you can implement on your Firefox browser to make it more secure include disabling telemetry, a feature responsible for collating technical and interactive data, and installing and running studies. What’s more, you can add a variety of extensions to your Firefox browser to elevate your privacy and security. This can be done by adding a NordVPN proxy extension and adjusting necessary changes to enjoy optimal privacy online. You can check NordVPN reviews if you are interested to know more about it.

Tor Browser

Tor Browser is an improved version of Firefox that runs on the Tor network. It’s a secure browser that safeguards you from browser fingerprinting. It leverages a distributed network to make your IP address anonymous. One of the disadvantages of this browser is that it’s quite slow and not as compatible as Firefox or Google Chrome. The Tor network itself has several downsides, from malicious exit nodes to an over-reliance on US government funding. However, a perfect way to tone down these drawbacks is to disable the Tor network and just use your Tor browser. That way, it’ll work faster and reliably. Moreover, you can still encrypt your traffic and anonymize your IP, and your browser will still work faster.

Epic Privacy Browser

This secure browser is a great alternative to Tor, as it uses an effective private VPN. Epic Privacy Browser stands out as the go-to browser due to the provision of free VPN access. According to the company, Epic blocks up to 600 trackers in a typical browsing session. It blocks all trackers, ads, and IP addresses. It also clears your browsing history to provide you with a secure web surfing experience.

Brave Browser

Brave is a reliable and privacy-focused browser based on Chromium. It keeps ads away and protects you from browser fingerprinting. Just like Iridium, Brave is a Chromium-based browser built for privacy. It delivers excellent performance with its privacy settings and loads of great features. It is also the ideal browser to send large files quickly and safely.


Vivaldi leverages Google Safe Browsing to safeguard you from dangerous sites that use phishing methods and malware to steal sensitive data from unsuspecting users. It receives regular security updates, which makes it one of the most secure web browsers around. It’s also one of the best browsers to install on your Raspberry Pi 4. It’s a bit faster than chromium when it comes to loading web pages and streaming high-quality videos from YouTube and other reputable sites.

Pale Moon

As an open-source, Firefox-derived browser, Pale Moon is designed for efficiency and customization. It provides remarkable customization options and accepts older Firefox extensions along with its vast collection of extensions. It’s currently compatible with Linux and Windows, but versions for other operating systems are currently in development.

Wrapping Up!

A reliable and secure browser that’s designed to protect your privacy is the key to safeguarding your sensitive information as you browse the internet. However, the best web browser will depend on your unique needs. On top of using a properly configured secure browser, you should also use an effective adblocker. That way, you’ll prevent third-party advertising networks from monitoring your browsing activities and targeting you with personalized ads.Rina Richell