From the Fall 2019 Issue

Running on a Treadmill: Breaking Through Ingrained, Ineffective Solution Habits


Adam Firestone, Editor-in-Chief , United States Cybersecurity Magazine


Christopher McDougall’s 2009 book Born to Run:  A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen paints a damning picture of an industry dedicated to a profitable but harmful product line. With each successive product generation, the extent of the damage caused by reliance on the product grows, driving purchases of … Read more

From the Fall 2019 Issue

A Paradigm Shift in Data Security


Andres Andreu, Founder / CTO, nTropic Security, Inc.

Data Security-header

Files; we all use them on a daily basis. Undeniably, they are often at the center of successes and failures on many fronts. Files rule the business world from presentations to legal documents. Files also have an enormous impact on our personal lives and, given the proliferation of social media files, are more important now … Read more

Location Tracking: A Privacy Concern


Isabell Gaylord, ,

location tracking connecting a phone and a truck for delivery

If you have a cellphone, you’ve probably used location tracking. Indeed, the majority of consumers are carrying a smart device that is consistently sending out private information like location data. However, smartphones are just one of the many smart devices that are transmitting extremely accurate details concerning the user’s activity and whereabouts. This is not … Read more

Lessons Learned From Data Breaches Past


Frankie Wallace, ,

lock and key on a keyboard

Information is one of the most valuable currencies there is. Whether it is sensitive corporate information or sets of individuals’ personal information, there are people out there who are interested in seeing it — legally or otherwise. While many consumers accept that companies collect and sell their data regularly, data breaches are a very real … Read more

Equifax was Careless With Your Data


Caleb Townsend, Staff Writer, United States Cybersecurity Magazine

Josh Henry, ,

Data breach and private personal information theft as a technology security concept as a digital thief stealing code as a computing risk idea in a 3D illustration style. Equifax

The Cost of Carelessness Is it possible to quantify carelessness? Recent news about Equifax has shown the veracity of carelessness seen in the cybersecurity department of major corporations and countries. This year alone, we have seen many companies that we trust with our personal information fail us. Because of this, the catastrophic failures of cybersecurity … Read more