Cloud Computing

Lauren Abshire
Director of Content Strategy   United States Cybersecurity Magazine

What is the Cloud?

This may be a question you have asked yourself. Simply, “cloud computing” is accessing and storing applications, data and information over the Internet. This is an alternative to the hard disk drive of your computer. It periods back to the days of demonstrations and flowcharts, which would signify server farm infrastructure of the Internet as a “puffy” cloud requiring connections and doling out information as it floats on. Cloud computing is not about your hard disk drive.

Cloud Computing

All you ever need is near you, which suggests accessing your information is fast and simple, for one computer or more that are on the local network. Working off of the hard disk drive is how computer enterprise has functioned for decades; some might argue it’s nevertheless superior to cloud computing. The cloud is not about having a network attached to a server or storage hardware at home. In contrast, it is about storing data on an office or home network doesn’t count as utilizing the cloud. For example, to qualify your computing as “Cloud Computing”, you must access programs or information over the Web. Also, you must have that information synchronized with information over the Web.

What the Cloud does for you

Cloud computing is far more convenient and ideal, and moreover, it is managed. The services we may use are provided and managed by an outside company. Worries of licenses and updates? Worry no more! “Outsource” your computing needs to a larger company and they handle all of this for you. Additionally, with cloud computing, you are able to stay focused on your task at hand, and the dependable computing is provided and managed by someone else.

Did you know the majority of people use cloud computing ALL DAY, without even realizing it? How often do we type things into the Google Search Engine? When you Google Search, it sends the input information to any one of Google’s “clustered PCs” (or server farms). Because of that, you never know what state or country is providing you results!

The overall result is the same. With an online connection, you can do cloud computing place, anywhere, and at any time!

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