Common Cybersecurity Attacks

Caleb Townsend
Staff Writer   United States Cybersecurity Magazine

In the cybersecurity world, vulnerability is the first step in exploitation. These exploitations often involve a hacker gaining unlawful access into a computer system and wreaking havoc. In order to stay vigilant and cyber safe, it is important to understand what the common cybersecurity attacks are.

Backdoor Attacks

A backdoor in a computer system is exactly what it sounds like. It is a secret entry way to bypass the usual authentication systems set in place. A backdoor can exist for a variety of reasons. For example, imagine if your computer was acting weird. You could create a backdoor for the technician to work on your computer, without having to give him your password. Alternatively, you could fall victim to an insider job. It is very possible that someone could add the backdoor during work so other people could gain access.

Denial-of-service attacks

Denial of service (DOS) attacks are a method of simply blocking people from using their devices for their intended purposes. Ransomware attacks often use this method to extort money from the victim. Sometimes this can be executed by typing in the password over and over again until the victim is locked out of their account. Other times, hackers will overload the machine with too much information until it is unable to function properly.


Spoofing is the process of impersonating a legitimate entity in order to gain information that a victim will freely give up. Through spoofed IP addresses, or fake emails, a hacker will extort information, whether the victim revels the information themselves, or via malware spamming.  A common known example of spoofing is phishing.


Otherwise known as a UI redress attack, click-jacking is a strategy in which an illegitimate landing page is nested right on top of a legitimate page that a user intends to click on. The hacker dupes the victim into clicking on malicious code by hiding it under legitimate clickable content. For example, a user can be led to believe they are entering their password into a legitimate search bar, when in reality, their information is actually being fed into an invisible search box that a hacker has access too.

Avoid cybersecurity attacks

Cybersecurity attacks are common. A working knowledge of these different attacking methods is the first step in protecting yourself from vulnerabilities. Your information is valuable, and people are going to try and steal it. Make sure you don’t fall victim to hackers.

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