From the Spring 2022 Issue

Information Warfare and Government Policy: Creating a Holistic U.S. Cyber Posture Through Cyber Survivability

Jessica Trombley-Owens
Vice President, System & Mission Engineering | PLEX Solutions, LLC

The Next Pearl Harbor
The former director of the CIA and once Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, warned of the possibility of a “cyber-Pearl Harbor”. More specifically he referenced the use of both cyber and physical attacks on key military and critical infrastructure systems that would result in grave detriment to the U.S. and that the U.S. “won’t succeed in preventing a cyberattack through improved defenses alone” (Bumiller & Shanker 2012).  Cyber is now the leading concern for most commercial and DoD organizations, from banking to military defense.  The word alone, cyber, was once viewed by most . . .

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