Doxing: The Dark Side of OSINT


Patrick Putman, ,

Computer screen showing Doxing

Exploiting a target is much easier when you know their vulnerabilities. However, learning their vulnerabilities can only come from research. Doxing is a form of Open Source Intelligence. The word originated from an abbreviation of the term “dropping documents.” Doxing is the dark side of OSINT. It is the act of compiling a dossier against … Read more

How to Recover a Hacked Website


Julia Sowells, ,

Computer with spam bursting out hacked computer

A hacked website is not notable news; it has become an almost common thing. So, what to do if you have a hacked website? How can you work on recovering things and bouncing back? Well, it is not that difficult. Here is a look at some easy steps that will help in the recovery process: Step … Read more