4 Actions to Improve DDoS Protection


Vinugayathri Chinnasamy, Senior Content Writer, Indusface

DDoS Protection

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are increasing in the sheer volume and size of attacks and their impact, severity, and sophistication. Therefore, DDoS attack protection is also becoming more complex and challenging. Simply using a traditional Web Application Firewall (WAF) or increasing the server bandwidth will not protect you from a DDoS attack.  Even … Read more

Doxing: The Dark Side of OSINT


Patrick Putman, ,

Computer screen showing Doxing

Exploiting a target is much easier when you know their vulnerabilities. However, learning their vulnerabilities can only come from research. Doxing is a form of Open Source Intelligence. The word originated from an abbreviation of the term “dropping documents.” Doxing is the dark side of OSINT. It is the act of compiling a dossier against … Read more

How to Recover a Hacked Website


Julia Sowells, ,

Computer with spam bursting out hacked computer

A hacked website is not notable news; it has become an almost common thing. So, what to do if you have a hacked website? How can you work on recovering things and bouncing back? Well, it is not that difficult. Here is a look at some easy steps that will help in the recovery process: Step … Read more