7 Important Cybersecurity Measures for Your Business in 2021


John Peterson, ,

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Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important in a world where so many people rely on digital tools for business and communication. Hackers and online scammers are very adaptive and highly creative in finding new ways to breach security protocols. Therefore, every individual and organization should learn the basic concepts of cybersecurity. Make no mistake – the … Read more

Bug Bounty – 10 Things You Should Know


Joy Akurienne Coker, Attorney Editor, Thomson Reuters

Bug Bounty

Bug Bounty has become a buzz phrase lately. With unprecedented cyber breaches and attacks, it’s no surprise that many companies and institutions are turning to bug bounty programs. What is Bug Bounty?      According to AT&T Cybersecurity, creator of Open Threat Exchange, the largest crowdsourced computer security platform, “Bug Bounty programs allow white-hat hackers and security … Read more

Alternatives to Browse the Internet More Securely


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Browsing the internet can expose your business to a wide array of security risks. In a single browsing session, you can expose your search preferences, activate cooking and tons of other tracking techniques, and even reveal sensitive information on your computer. Additionally, all these can happen even when you’re visiting a reputable site. Regardless of … Read more

Holiday Shopping: How to Stay Safe and Protected


Lauren Abshire, Director of Content Strategy, United States Cybersecurity Magazine

With Christmas just around the corner and amidst a global pandemic, holiday shopping is at an all-time high. You click a few buttons and wham! You have Christmas delivered right to your door! Exciting stuff, I know. However, in order to keep holiday shopping exciting (and safe!), you must practice vigilance! Cyber-criminals are stronger today … Read more

Increased Digitization is Coming. Organizations Need to Adopt Cybersecurity Solutions


Sonali Sharma, Sr. Digital Marketing Expert, Polaris Market Research


The world relies on technology now, more than ever before. As a result of this, digital data creation has also increased rapidly. Nowadays, governments and businesses save a large amount of data on computers and also transfer it across networks. In such cases, a data breach can create several devastating consequences. It can lead to … Read more

The Biggest 2021 Cybersecurity Predictions


Caleb Townsend, Staff Writer, United States Cybersecurity Magazine

2021 Trends

2020 saw a whole host of new cybersecurity threat vectors that no one could have foreseen. Covid-19 brought forth complications and cyber-attack opportunities previously unprecedented. 2021 will have its own set of both problems, as well as developments. However, in many ways, the issues of 2021 will be the fallout of 2020. Here are predictions … Read more