Put a SOC in it


Tricia A. Howard, ,

NGSOC, Security Operations Center, Big room with computers on the wall, Chairs, SOC

As the security industry has exploded in recent years, the need for a SOC (Security Operations Center) is dire. The “security sprawl” has become outrageous. So many tools, platforms, and services – it’s almost every day that a new company or tech is emerging…

From the Summer 2015 Issue

The Need for Increased Cyber Threat Intelligence in the Electricity Sector


Brian Harrell, CPP, Director, Energy Security, Navigant

The electricity sector is in the midst of a fundamental cultural change with respect to cybersecurity. While the electricity sector has been the only critical infrastructure sector that has had mandatory and enforceable cybersecurity standards to date, this minimum level of protection is not enough to battle the continuous onslaught of malicious code and targeted … Read more