The Worst DDoS Attacks in Recent History and How to Protect Your Business from Them


John Black, Senior Content Writer, Globex IT Solutions

DDoS Attacks - WAF

There has been an alarming increase in DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks in the last year. The majority of businesses in various industries along with their different processes have no choice but to shift online to ensure business continuity. There was sudden transfer to remote operations and telecommuting, which logically meant more access to … Read more

Implementing Application Control and Eliminating Productivity Dips


Ameera Azeez, Product Specialist, ManageEngine

Application Control

Application control, an integral step in achieving comprehensive endpoint security, often comes with implementation difficulties. Many organizations prioritize productivity issues over security issues, and tend to postpone taking the required measures to ensure their infrastructure is continually secure. However, if effectively executed, application control is a valuable addition to any organization’s security framework.  Here are … Read more

From the Winter 2021 Issue

The Future of Real-Time Monitoring


-Mike Kelly, CEO, ProcessBolt

Gaurav Gaur, CTO, ProcessBolt

Real Time Monitoring

Cloud computing and coronavirus are among the most consequential forces impacting cybersecurity today. Together, they have created an “endpoint explosion.” Yesterday’s periodic measures are important; however, the only way to manage today’s cyber risks is with a paradigm shift to real-time monitoring. Coronavirus Accelerates Cloud Migration Cloud computing was one of the fastest-growing IT spend … Read more

From the Summer 2015 Issue

The Need for Increased Cyber Threat Intelligence in the Electricity Sector


Brian Harrell, CPP, Director, Energy Security, Navigant

The electricity sector is in the midst of a fundamental cultural change with respect to cybersecurity. While the electricity sector has been the only critical infrastructure sector that has had mandatory and enforceable cybersecurity standards to date, this minimum level of protection is not enough to battle the continuous onslaught of malicious code and targeted … Read more