From the Winter 2020 Issue

Enhancing Cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence


Philip Chan, Ph.D., University of Maryland UMUC UMGC / U.S. Army Futures Command (AFC)

Artificial Intelligence

Daily human life is impacted by Artificial Intelligence (AI). More and more enterprises are using AI for their needs; the time sets to analyze the right implementation of AI in the area of the cybersecurity field. There are many positive uses of AI for cybersecurity applications. Biometric applications are typically and increasingly used in commercial … Read more

What is the Difference Between Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning?


Caleb Townsend, Staff Writer, United States Cybersecurity Magazine

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Mining, Brain in Binary, vaporwave color scheme

Artificial Intelligence has become one of the most overused buzzwords in the cybersecurity field. Cybersecurity buzzwords gain more traction as the world of cybersecurity becomes more omnipresent in our cultural consciousness. Events like the Marriott Hotel Breach and the Facebook User Data scandal have created an atmosphere of paranoia. However, in the wake of an … Read more

The Consequences of Digital Piracy


Patrick Putman, ,

Digital Piracy, people pirating music and photos of a giant computer

Digital content can be quite expensive. Especially when you get into the high-end software packages. Sometimes this content costs several thousand dollars. But not everyone can afford these prices. If you have spent any amount of time on the internet, you have heard of digital piracy. Digital piracy is a form of copyright infringement. However, piracy … Read more

The Netflix Sharing Problem


Zia Hayat, CEO, Callsign

Red Head Woman watching Netflix on her Smart TV, Watching Daredevil, Options on the Bottom of TV like Daredevil, Black Mirror, Peaky BLinders, Glitch, The Crown, etc.

Netflix Has a Problem With Password Sharing. We have all heard the story of the college grad using his former roommate’s parents’ Netflix password. We all know the ex-boyfriend binging his favorite shows with his ex-girlfriend’s account credentials. Many consider the sharing economy a positive thing. However, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO and others are literally … Read more

How to use Tor Safely


Julia Sowells, ,

Welcome to Tor Browser tab is open

Browsing Anonymously  Tor, as many internet users may know, is a free software that helps establish anonymous communication between computers. The name originates as an acronym for the software project ‘The Onion Router’. ‘The Onion Router’ helps users conceal their location and usage and protects them from people conducting traffic analysis or network surveillance. This … Read more

From the Spring 2015 Issue

Calm Your Bits: Why the Internet of Things Doesn’t Have to Be a Security Nightmare


Chris Castaldo, Senior Director of Information Security, 2U

Industry buzzwords are a dime a dozen, but few survive the passage of time. A term that popped into our lexicon in approximately 2006, according to Google Trends, and has been gaining traction in 2014, is the “Internet of Things,” or “IoT.” “Internet of Things” and “Internet of Everything” are terms that have been given … Read more

From the Spring 2015 Issue

2015: What’s Old is New Again


Daren Dunkel, Chief of Staff, McAfee

As 2015 starts, there is no shortage of articles, posts, and interviews projecting the year ahead for cybersecurity trends, attack scenarios, and countermeasures. I have reviewed numerous materials (from McAfee Labs, Trend Micro, FireEye, Websense Security Labs, Symantec, etc.) highlighting similar themes around critical infrastructure, mobile device attacks, and the evolution of hacking in general. … Read more