Card Skimmers: What are you Sliding Yourself Into?


Josh Henry, ,

Hand typing in ATM passcode on notepad while covering the keys for privacy, abstract for Card Skimmer

What are Card Skimmers? Mechanisms referred to as “card skimmers” have been a major threat to data security in recent years. These devices enable thieves to withdraw information from the magnetic strip of your card when its casually used at an ATM or store. As the trend grows, the devices become more sophisticated.  Banks, law … Read more

What is Open Source Intelligence?


Patrick Putman, ,

Camera surveying road, Open Source Intelligence abstract

There are two methods of data collection and information gathering used in military observation. Covert gathering refers to the use of clandestine, or secret data sources. As a result, covert methods are often illegal due to being performed secretively. Overt data collection refers to methods used openly or in plain sight. Overt does not involve … Read more