CAA Record: A Small Step Towards a Safer Internet


Paul Baka, ,

CAA Records Metadata

A Case of Misplaced Trust A lot of trust is placed in certificate authorities. SSL/TLS on its’ own protects against a malicious actors. It does this by intercepting communications. However, certificate authorities do nothing to prevent sending data to someone who has found a way to route client traffic to a copycat website. Certificate Authorities … Read more

Always Read the Privacy Policy for Your VPN


Obaid Chawla, ,

Privacy Policy Ipad terms and conditions on a table arrangement coffee laptop keyboard

You Didn’t Read the Privacy Policy?! The privacy policy is the single most important document governing the guidelines around which a VPN functions. However, it has almost become a ritual to not read it. Everyone knows that it’s there but no one actually reads it, except for a few cybersecurity geeks and VPN reviewers. Unfortunately, … Read more

Microsegmentation and a Zero-Trust Network


Caleb Townsend, Staff Writer, United States Cybersecurity Magazine

Server room, Microsegmentation in a zero-trust system

We are currently in an unfortunate situation where universally, every business model predicates itself around connectivity. In fact, to be on the edge of innovation is to connect, to everything, before anyone else connects. With each new development, security suffers immediately. The incredulity that is always met with a new Facebook data breach is going … Read more