First, thank you for signing up to download our Guide: Increasing Student Enrollment for Your Cybersecurity Courses!  It is our solution to declining enrollment!

But who am I to be teaching you this?  My name is Karen Austin and am the Founder and CEO of the United States Cybersecurity Magazine and its Multi-Platform Publishing Portal.

I am a former Counter-Terrorism Equipment Specialist who worked at 911 day-in and day-out.  After 911, I trained First Responders all over the U.S. including our Territories on equipment to protect our citizens. 

I have a deep passion to continue to do my part protecting the United States of America and our Allies…

Currently, I am raising the level of awareness of the workforce shortage gap and providing solutions…

And I want to help you do your part.

You have one of the major solutions:  Filling your Cybersecurity Classes and getting your students out in the cybersecurity workforce…

Talk to you soon.

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Karen Austin

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