From the Winter 2024 Issue


What is Cyber Leadership?


Diane M Janosek, PhD, JD, CISSP, LPEC, Senior Legal Advisor, WiCyS Mid-Atlantic

What is Cyber Leadership?

The Case Study of the 2021 Hacking of a Florida Water Treatment Plant We often hear “cyber” and often hear “leadership”. So, what is “cyber leadership” and how is it any different than leading any other senior position in business? First, let us define cyber as a noun with both tangible and intangible aspects.  Cyber … Read more

From the Spring 2023 Issue

Best Practices for Critical Infrastructure Security in Transportation


Krishna Chaitanya Tata, Operational Technology Cybersecurity Leader, IBM

Critical Infrastructure Security in Transportation

Introduction Critical Infrastructure (CI) has become the new battlefield in the complex geopolitics of the current times. Operational Technology (OT) is the new ‘crown jewels’ that rival nation states and rogue actors regularly target. The transportation sector is one such CI sector that continues to be a prime target for malicious cyber-attacks. In November 2022 … Read more

From the Winter 2022 Issue

The Machine Industry and Control Systems: The National Security Risks with SCADA


Alan Cunningham, Independent Journalist, Truth Be Told


With any technological system, it can be susceptible to cyber-attacks or hacking measures by foreign or domestic actors for varying purposes. Within the United States, we have seen a large municipal city resort to pen and paper for daily tasks after a Ransomware attack, a breach of federal personnel information by hackers contracted by a … Read more

From the Fall 2021 Issue

Hackers Are Laying Siege to Critical Infrastructure: Here’s How to Fight Back


Ahsan Siddiqui, Director, Product Management, Arcserve

Hackers are Laying Siege to Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure is vital for the proper functioning of our society and economy. It is almost impossible to imagine life without a robust network of hospitals, airports, power utilities, and schools. While many people may take these services for granted, you can ensure that cyber-attackers understand how dependent we are on them. Thanks to the … Read more