From the Summer 2023 Issue

Cognitive Cybernetics: Merging Human and Machine Intelligence for Next-Generation Security


Dr.K.V.N.Rajesh, Subject Matter Expert, CloudThat

Cognitive Cybernetics

Introduction The landscape of cybersecurity is constantly evolving, with attackers employing increasingly sophisticated methods to breach defenses. To counter these threats, a new approach has emerged: cognitive cybernetics. By merging the power of human and machine intelligence, cognitive cybernetics aims to create next-generation security systems that are capable of more effectively detecting, preventing, and responding … Read more

From the Spring 2022 Issue

Social Cybersecurity: Protecting the Cognitive Domain from Hacking


Richard Benack, Principal Investigator, Hiperformance Security

When we traditionally discuss the term “cybersecurity”, we think in terms of protecting computer systems and the data that resides in them. We rarely think of protecting the people who manage this technology and its associated data. Coming from the intelligence world, it was taught to assume that the weakest link in any system or … Read more