The Importance of Cybersecurity Training


Frankie Wallace, ,

Cybersecurity training is imperative to the success of any modern workplace. The work force has transformed over the years, as has the technology required to operate it. Digital transformations and full-scale transitions over to cloud infrastructures have meant large changes for organizations wishing to remain relevant while providing employees and customers with better overall experiences. … Read more

Cybersecurity Market: Trending Upwards


Josh Henry, ,

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Rising Cybersecurity Market Trends      The cybersecurity market is rapidly expanding in today’s society; and rightfully so. The steady increase in data breaches and threats to our identities show no signs of slowing down. Additionally, the demand for professionals in the cybersecurity market field is rapidly growing According to an article from Cybersecurity Ventures, the estimated … Read more

Cybersecurity Services


Caleb Townsend, Staff Writer, United States Cybersecurity Magazine

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There are a lot of common issues that plague your digital devices. Traversing the internet is no simple task in 2018. For example, one in thirteen web requests lead to malware. It is incredible likely that your computer will get a virus at some point in your lifetime. That likelihood grows yearly. This is seen … Read more

From the Spring 2015 Issue

Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe: Nine Steps to Maintaining Data Security


Alvita Fitzgerald, Vice President of Administration, Megadata Technology

Jessica Schneider, Strategic Communications Specialist, Megadata Technology

Megadata Technology is a cybersecurity company located in National Harbor, Maryland, just across the river from Washington, DC. As a company whose focus is on securing information for national organizations, it is important for our clients and our staff to always be aware of potential security breaches and ways to avoid them. Our years of … Read more

From the Spring 2015 Issue

Small Business Big Threats: Cybersecurity in Small Enterprise EnvironmentsUnited


Amanda Fortner, Managing Editor, United States Cybersecurity Magazine

Megan Clark, Help Desk Technician, Bryn Mawr College

Cybersecurity may not seem like a priority for many small enterprise environments – after all, you’re small. Who would want to hack, phish, or spam you? But small enterprise environments face just as much, if not more, threat as large corporations. You need only look at recent news to see why small businesses may be … Read more