From the Fall 2022 Issue

The Growing Need for Continuous Monitoring of Your Digital Assets


Darren Craig, CEO, RiskXchange


In today’s fast-paced economic landscape, organizations have little choice but to implement a growing number of digital solutions to keep up with the competition. Unfortunately, this technological innovation comes at a price as it leaves them increasingly vulnerable to a larger variety of cyber threats. As an organization’s IT infrastructure expands, so does its attack … Read more

From the Winter 2022 Issue

Tapping into the Crowd: User Verification Using Social Media


Gergo Varga, Senior Content Manager/ Evangelist, SEON

The need for user verification to prevent fraud and protect your company from cybercrime is increasingly being understood as urgent.  Certain sectors, including eCommerce, banking and FinTech, recognized early on the importance of knowing exactly what company it is and who it is that wants to become a customer/client of theirs. Some local and regional … Read more

From the Winter 2022 Issue

Stop Being Cyber Stupid


Mike Shelah, Business Performance Advisor, Insperity

It is not a huge revelation, when they say hacks and ransomware have gone through the roof since July of 2020. Cyber-attacks are impacting every business, in every industry. Just because you weren’t hacked does not mean it did not have a ripple effect on you. The Target breach that occurred a few years ago … Read more

How to Reduce Human Error in Cybersecurity with Red Teaming


Harry Wilson, Head of Digital Marketing Department, Globex Outreach

Red Teaming - Cognitive Bias

Human error in cybersecurity evokes images of untrained employees logging into systems with weak passwords used for multiple accounts or clicking on phishing emails. However, mistakes can come from the most experienced members of your IT and security team – professionals who know more about cybersecurity than anyone else in your company. As they progress … Read more


Sitting Ducks: Are You Leaving Your Business Open for Attack?


Waqas S, Cybersecurity Journalist, DontSpoof

Business Security - Sitting Ducls

There have been some hugely publicized attacks on big brands over the years – some high-profile cases include the World Health Organization (WHO), Marriott Hotels and, most recently, T-Mobile. There is an alarming increase in the number of daily cyber-attack attempts and business security is top of mind. The question is, why have businesses become … Read more

Unified Endpoint Management and Security: Breaking Down the Silos


Achuthan Ramesh, Senior Product Marketer, ManageEngine

Endpoint Management and Security

Consider the case of a smart home. Smart home systems offer life safety monitoring using carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, and flood sensors along with home automation technology such as smart locks, smart thermostats, and smart bulbs. Now, imagine using a different tool for each of the above smart home capabilities—suddenly, smart homes don’t seem … Read more

How Can Organizations Prioritize Data Privacy Through Encryption?


Waqas S, Cybersecurity Journalist, DontSpoof

Data Privacy - Encryption

Rapid technological advancements have transcended data in value, making it highly significant to individuals and organizations. With that being said, despite the many regulations protecting data rights, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Data Protection Act (DPA), and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), there are still multiple threats to … Read more

Fortify Your Network Against USB Threats by Implementing Device Control


Sathya R, Product Specialist, ManageEngine

USB devices and device control

How important is it to protect your organization from USB threats? USB devices are a popular choice when it comes to transferring data, but they can pose significant security risks for your organization. The plus points of USB devices are their size and efficiency; however, if these devices aren’t monitored or restricted appropriately, all it … Read more