From the Summer 2014 Issue

Cyber Deals Deconstructed: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Cybersecurity Mergers & Acquisitions

Michael N. Mercurio, Esq.
| Offit|Kurman

It’s the sales season in the cybersecurity industry. 
Why? Just take a look at the headlines. 
Edward Snowden leaked classified national security documents last year, prompting global interest in privacy matters. Retail chain Target suffered a devastating customer data breach months later. Then emerged the Heartbleed bug, which cyber-criminals exploited to obtain user passwords kept by many of the tech’s leading companies—including consumer-facing giants such as Google, Netflix, Facebook, and Yahoo.

These news-making events, coupled with high-profile deals such as FireEye’s acquisitions of Mandiant in January (for $1 . . .

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