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Karen Austin
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Karen Austin


Welcome to the Fall 2023 issue of the United States Cybersecurity Magazine!  

We would like to extend our appreciation to the numerous individuals and organizations for their contributions and sponsorships during the compilation process of this issue.  You have played a significant role in enhancing the United States Cybersecurity Magazine!  We will continue to remain committed to bringing you, our readers and the end-users of the solutions that are published in this Magazine, the best and most topical cybersecurity information available.

At United States Cybersecurity Magazine part of our brief is to spotlight the many technical innovations and achievements of the American cybersecurity community.  As we noted in the last issue, this is the community that turns problems into solutions, and innovations into products with the potential to make life safer and more secure for all Americans.

In this issue, we’d like to look at a critical group of cybersecurity stakeholders, a group that is often thrust into an unnecessarily adversarial relationship with the professionals who produce security technologies as well as those who implement security programs across the industry, government, academia, and non-profit sectors.  Specifically, we’re speaking of users. 

Users are a funny bunch.  While they are often the least technically or security oriented, they are the people for whom the entire cybersecurity edifice is built.  It’s easy to forget that fact, and to think of users as merely a thorn in our collective security side.  It may be even easier to shift an increasing amount of the security burden on to users.  This perspective and approach are as old as the requirement for cybersecurity, and they may not have yielded the positive results we’re all seeking. 

Users are often underappreciated, but they’re the reason we’re all here.  They play an all-important role in the cybersecurity ecosystem.  It’s their needs and their requirements that drive the creation of cybersecurity products, frameworks, consultancies, and oversight.  They’re the reason we’re all here.  It’s time to reaffirm their criticality, and to rededicate ourselves to the idea that our job, collectively, as a cybersecurity community is to enable and empower users of all types, from all types of organizations, and of all levels of technical expertise to do their jobs effectively and efficiently, and in doing so, to power the American economic engine.  We are all one cyber team that is more than the sum of its parts.

And that’s where you come in.  Everyone in the American cybersecurity matters.  Users matter.  Technologists matter.  You matter.  Our challenge is to respond to change in a way that benefits and advances the entire community.  It’s one of the reasons why we at United States Cybersecurity Magazine produce this publication.  There’s so much all of us can do to empower users to work securely.  We can speak.  We can lobby.  We can offer community training.  We owe it to our nation and to our future. 

We includes YOU.  Help us raise awareness about how educating for cybersecurity is an essential component of American prosperity.  Let us showcase your solutions to real problems. 

We want you to use the magazine to give your company exposure.  Contact us to submit articles and to sponsor our new, Multi-Platform Publishing Portal.  Let us market your company!  Subscribe today, free, at; follow us on X @uscybermag, and visit us on Fb at United States Cybersecurity Magazine.

The Cybersecurity industry deserves a voice of its own; hence, the United States Cybersecurity Magazine.

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