From the Fall 2019 Issue

Hacking Humans: Are You Safe? Addressing Vulnerabilities in the Advancing Medical Device Landscape

Diane M Janosek, PhD, JD, CISSP, LPEC
Senior Legal Advisor | WiCyS Mid-Atlantic

Donna Raziano, MD, MBA
Chief Medical Officer | Mercy Home Health and Mercy LIFE

Gabrielle E. Hempel, CHTI
Security Analyst | Accenture

The United States’ healthcare system rests on a secure critical infrastructure. However, there are valid concerns that as doctors increasingly rely on these advances in healthcare devices, the risk to the patient correspondingly increases. Vulnerabilities in implantable devices are now recognized as a significant attack surface.  With technology advances, medical devices are being fitted with “smart” technology with the goal to better serve patients and stay at the forefront of health technology.

Bottom Line: When medical devices are connected, like all other computer systems, they incorporate software that is vulnerable to threats. These are threats to one’s . . .

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