From the Spring 2017 Issue

It’s Not the Breach, It’s the Data: A Case for Deterrence by Denial

Adam Firestone
Editor-in-Chief | United States Cybersecurity Magazine

In his 1935 book, War is a Racket1, retired Marine Corps Major General (and two-time Medal of Honor recipient) Smedley Butler2 discussed the financial incentives and commercial benefits that lead nations to engage in armed conflict. Modern day motivations are no different. Verizon reported that, in 2016, “89% of breaches had a financial or espionage motive.”3 Malicious activity in cyberspace is, to borrow Butler’s words, a racket designed to make money by stealing data with exploitable value. If knowledge is power, that knowledge is particularly empowering. Understanding motivations enables the crafting of a deterrent strategy that discourages . . .

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