From the Spring 2016 Issue

Maryland Cybersecurity: We Are Many, We Are One

Gina Palladino
Owner | Silver Tree Consulting, Inc.

Stacey Smith
Executive Director | Cybersecurity Association of Maryland, Inc.

“Maryland has effectively leveraged its existing assets, proximity to the federal government, and strong leadership both at the gubernatorial and congressional delegation level to brand itself as the ‘cybersecurity epicenter’ of the country.”
A bit of cybersecurity history
In 1903, magician and inventor Nevil Maskelyne disrupted John Ambrose Fleming’s public demonstration of Guglielmo Marconi’s supposedly secure wireless telegraphy technology by sending insulting Morse code messages through the auditorium’s projector. This event is considered the first-ever recorded cyber-attack.

As technology became more advanced, more developed cyber events began to occur . . .

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