From the Winter 2021 Issue

The Quantum Security Risk to your Organization

Jeff Spivey, CRISC, CPP, PSP
Ret. CEO | Security Risk Management, Inc.

Jonathan D. Wright
Captain | USAF (Co-author)

Overall Security Principles
Regarding security, it is important to discuss our approach to risk mitigation. To mitigate risk, we need to focus on building our overall situational awareness. To build situational awareness, we should look at what we know. Building comprehensive knowledge of current and future events provides agile spatial orientation. This, in turn, improves individual and organizational performance in all functional areas. This type of knowledge affords the freedom to make decisions that, without it, inhibit alertness and could potentially jeopardize organizational well-being. This approach to risk, however, does not take the place of adequate training, set techniques . . .

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