A Cybersecurity Drought Is Coming


Jan Barbosa, ,

Cybersecurity Drought. Dry Bottom Of The Lake. Dead Dry Land From Drought. Dry Fissured Drought Soil. The Concept

Yes, there is a cybersecurity drought looming over the horizon. The data coming in is alarming; They are announcing that by 2020 there could be a shortage of cybersecurity experts by up to 1.5 million, worse yet, the shortage could reach 3.5 million by 2021. How is a global economy about to connect from 20 … Read more

The Dark Side of AI


Josh Henry, ,

AI The Dark Side of AI, Artificial Intelligence, AI concept, Brain on motherboard

The rise of AI is as inevitable as the next data breach.  The 21st century has seen a massive resurgence in highly advanced AI usage techniques. We can now process large amounts of data in a short amount of time. We can use machine learning to help machines improve on their mistakes. In fact, we … Read more

AI will Make Blade Runner a Reality


Sam Mercaldo, ,

Artificial Intelligence Blade Runner

There are two main opinions regarding the future of Artificial Intelligence and humanity, and both have movie analogies. The first movie is Disney’s Aladdin, In which AI is comparable to Genie, an all-powerful wish granting machine which will fix all of man’s problems. In contrast, there’s The Terminator, in which the AI will enslave or … Read more