Ransomware: Harbinger of the Future


Scott Blough | Associate Professor of Criminal Justice & Security Studies at Tiffin University, ,


The recent spate of ransomware attacks on Texas municipalities is a harbinger for the future of cyber-crime. In fact, according to various news sources, as of August 23rd, 2019, at least 22 municipalities in Texas have been affected by this recent ransomware outbreak. Although not all of those affected have gone public, there have been … Read more

Can AI Actually Improve Cybersecurity? What Experts Are Saying


Kayla Matthews, ,

AI, Artificial Intelligence concept

This year, AI spending will grow to nearly $35.8 billion globally. AI has surged in popularity in most sectors of tech, and cybersecurity isn’t an exception. In fact, according to Capgemini’s 2019 report on cybersecurity and AI, 48% of enterprises say their budget for artificial intelligence will increase in fiscal year 2019. An even greater … Read more

From the Fall 2016 Issue

Cybersecurity Attacks Threaten 9-1-1 Response


Timothy Lorello, President & CEO, SecuLore Solutions

Our public safety infrastructure is under cyber-attack! Like every other part of the internet-based economy, these systems are continuously exposed to attacks that have been increasing at an alarming rate.  Over 240 million 9-1-1 calls are made every year, with over 75% coming from wireless phones.1,2 Almost 6,000 public-safety answering points (PSAPs) field the calls … Read more

From the Fall 2016 Issue

Illuminating Issues of Grid Cybersecurity


Joseph S. Abrenio, Vice President of Commercial Services, Delta Risk LLC

Introduction  Ongoing cyber-attacks are the new normal. Whether they’re the work of politically or criminally-motivated individuals, or the coordinated efforts of nation-state actors, our nation’s critical assets will continue to be bombarded by digital attacks. Those protecting our critical infrastructure must be vigilant to the ever-evolving cyber threats to the industry. Many of these threats … Read more

From the Fall 2016 Issue

Safeguarding American Democracy: Outcome-Based Cybersecurity in Election 2016


Adam Firestone, Editor-in-Chief , United States Cybersecurity Magazine

If you’re asking how foreign hackers can be prevented from manipulating the election, you’re asking the wrong question.  On May 31st, 1916, the British battlecruisers Indefatigable, Queen Mary, and Invincible were sunk within two and a half hours by the Imperial German Navy’s High Seas Fleet during the Battle of Jutland. In response to the … Read more

From the Fall 2016 Issue



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SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORKING – A NEW PARADIGM  Software-defined networking (SDN) provides a new approach to networking by separating the functions of data switching and switch control. SDN permits better global network configuration and control by consolidating network topology and control information into a single controller. Information that is typically found distributed across routing and switching … Read more