From the Fall 2016 Issue

Safeguarding American Democracy: Outcome-Based Cybersecurity in Election 2016

Adam Firestone
Editor-in-Chief | United States Cybersecurity Magazine

If you’re asking how foreign hackers can be prevented from manipulating the election, you’re asking the wrong question. 
On May 31st, 1916, the British battlecruisers Indefatigable, Queen Mary, and Invincible were sunk within two and a half hours by the Imperial German Navy’s High Seas Fleet during the Battle of Jutland. In response to the catastrophic loss of capital ships, the British battlecruiser squadron commander, Vice Admiral Sir David Beatty, is reputed to have turned to his flag captain, Ernle Chatfield (1st Baron Chatfield) and quipped: “Chatfield . . .

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