Transforming Mobile App Development and Security for the Enterprise


Anthony Ricco, Chief Marketing Officer, Corellium

Mobile App Development

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, smart devices have become the new battleground for cybersecurity. The vulnerabilities within mobile devices are continually exploited by attackers and malware, making it crucial for enterprises to prioritize security practices from the early stages of the software development process. However, traditional tools used for mobile app development and security, … Read more

Why it’s Time to Adopt a Risk-Based Approach to AppSec


Vinugayathri Chinnasamy, Senior Content Writer, Indusface

Risk-based AppSec

Today, AppSec (Application Security) is not only about compliance with regulatory frameworks. In the face of newer threats, a growing attack surface, and the lack of AppSec talent, legacy WAF solutions and traditional security approaches constantly try to catch up but unsuccessfully. And this is where the risk-based approach to security comes in.  This article … Read more

The Principle of Least Privilege: The Whats, the Whys, and the Hows


Ameera Azeez, Product Specialist, ManageEngine


According to a recent infographic, in 2020 more than 70% of cybersecurity breaches happened due to the misuse of privileges. This emphasizes the need for the enterprise-wide elimination of unnecessary privileges, which is exactly what the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP) advocates. Here is a detailed breakdown of what this principle means for organizations and … Read more

Implementing Application Control and Eliminating Productivity Dips


Ameera Azeez, Product Specialist, ManageEngine

Application Control

Application control, an integral step in achieving comprehensive endpoint security, often comes with implementation difficulties. Many organizations prioritize productivity issues over security issues, and tend to postpone taking the required measures to ensure their infrastructure is continually secure. However, if effectively executed, application control is a valuable addition to any organization’s security framework.  Here are … Read more