The Importance of Cybersecurity and DDoS Protection in Finance


Marc Wilczek, COO, Link11

DDoS Protection & Financial Security

The financial services sector is one of the biggest industries at risk, particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic and the boosted digitalization of business and personal finances. Banking is no longer a brick-and-mortar business; banking is digital, it’s mobile – 24/7, around the globe, which provides cybercriminals with more attack surfaces. Lately, we have seen cybercriminals … Read more

Comparing the Cybersecurity Methods Between Private Accountants and Accounting Services


Frankie Wallace, ,

Cybersecurity and Accounting

Financial technology (Fintech) is the lifeblood of accountants these days. Whether accountants work for private clients or operate services for larger firms on a public level, they need the tools, software, and technology for accurately and quickly tracking finances and auditing systems. But now, facing a digital landscape plagued by more cybersecurity threats than ever … Read more

The Sensor Industry: Growth and Transformation Through Innovation


Pratik Gundawar, ,

Sensor, sensors in phones, chips

Innovation is the name of the game when it comes to sensors technology. Different types of sensors are in development for various applications. A lot of ongoing research and development activities have made things possible that were unimaginable before. From the healthcare sector to agriculture, these sensors have proved their significance. Scientists have developed a … Read more