From the Fall 2023 Issue

5 Emerging Cybersecurity Trends And Technologies For A Future-Ready CIO


Ben Herzberg, Chief Scientist and VP of Marketing, Satori

5 Cybersecurity Trends

Cybersecurity is a cornerstone in our increasingly digital world, a critical line of defense for everything from personal information to national infrastructure. It’s far more than just a necessary evil; it’s an ever-evolving chess game against cyber threats. Our battle against cyber threats is fought on two fronts. First, we’re dealing with escalating threat sophistication, … Read more

From the Fall 2020 Issue

VRM 2.0: The Next Wave in Vendor Risk Management


-Mike Kelly, CEO, ProcessBolt

Gaurav Gaur, CTO, ProcessBolt

Vendor Risk Managment

Vendor Risk Management is a global issue. According to the World Economic Forum, cyberattack and data theft consistently ranks as a top-10 global risk. Additionally, a comprehensive survey by Deloitte found 83% of risk management executives have experienced a third-party incident in the past three years. But are the old VRM software solutions fully up … Read more

The Sensor Industry: Growth and Transformation Through Innovation


Pratik Gundawar, ,

Sensor, sensors in phones, chips

Innovation is the name of the game when it comes to sensors technology. Different types of sensors are in development for various applications. A lot of ongoing research and development activities have made things possible that were unimaginable before. From the healthcare sector to agriculture, these sensors have proved their significance. Scientists have developed a … Read more

From the Summer 2016 Issue

Colorado Springs: Cyber Hub of the West


Dr. Patrick J. Laverty, Senior Cybersecurity Engineer, TASC, An Engility Company

It seems like every conversation I have these days is centered on the growth of cybersecurity and the opportunities that growth presents in Colorado Springs. The city is quickly becoming a hub of cyber activities in our nation, and has an opportunity to play a vital role in the shaping of cyber policy and to … Read more

From the Summer 2016 Issue

Counterterrorism Tradecraft in Advanced Persistent Threat Mitigation


Joe Malik, CEO, Consolidated Research Group

Revisiting the Cyber Kill Chain The Cyber Kill Chain is considered a benchmark for cyberintrusion detection. It is functionally analogous to the Terrorism Kill Chain in all but one respect.1 Intrusions are now a much broader problem class than they were when the Cyber Kill Chain was developed. However, if hackers tend to use trend-focused … Read more

From the Summer 2016 Issue

Cyber Intelligence: Mind Mining


Dr. Alenka Brown, President , McClure, Brown & Associates LLC

Dr. Joe McClure VanHoozer, Founder, McClure, Brown & Associates LLC

All cyber operations begin with humans. We are rule-bound, predictable creatures who consistently exhibit sense-based indicative patterns in everything we do. It is humans who build the “culture of computers, information technology, and virtual reality” of today’s interactions.1 These patterns are evident in our daily interactions with others, in the technology we build, and in … Read more

From the Summer 2016 Issue

A New PC Cybersecurity and Ownership Paradigm


Allen Shay, Founder, CyberSpa LLC

Windows PCs have now been around for over 30 years, and Microsoft’s operating system still holds a nearly 90% share of the desktop and laptop ecosystem worldwide.1 While PC unit sales are on the decline, utilization is not. People are simply keeping their computers longer.2 There are several factors contributing to the desire on the … Read more

From the Summer 2016 Issue



Staff Writer, , United States Cybersecurity Magazine

Even before Dan Senor and Saul Singer’s country profile in their bestseller Start-Up Nation, Israel wrote the book on startups, literally.  While ranked a mere 154th in country size, Israel is reinventing itself yet again. Combining the perfect storm of armies of STEM graduates, waves of skilled immigrants, mandatory military service, and good old-fashioned chutzpah, … Read more