From the Spring 2023 Issue

Protecting Assets in the Cloud with Cloud Posture Security Management (CPSM)


Claus Nielsen, Chief Marketing Officer, Holm Security


Cloud-based applications and services can quickly optimize operations for businesses across the globe. The downside to this is the unique challenge it brings to cybersecurity. With cloud security breaches becoming increasingly commonplace, any organization looking to secure the critical assets stored with one or more cloud service provider must look to utilize a Cloud Posture … Read more

From the Winter 2023 Issue

Managing Security “In” and “Of” the Cloud


Daniel Deeney, Co-Founder & CEO, Paladin Cloud

Many digital transformation initiatives today involve a strategic move to the cloud to capture the key benefits of scalability, flexibility, and reduced cost for the modern enterprise. However, a new security paradigm is emerging in the cloud where enterprises lack visibility into applications and data, struggle to identify and secure cloud assets, and grapple with … Read more

From the Winter 2023 Issue

Understanding New Cybersecurity Risks in Cloud Computing


Michael Silbernagel, Senior Security Analyst, SysGen

New Risks in Cloud Computing

Cybersecurity is quickly becoming a prioritized concern for businesses. Cybersecurity impacts business daily in the form of access, availability, and integrity of data but also affects businesses’ long-term credibility and reputation. Engaging in solid cybersecurity practices is urgent as new threats and knowledge come to light daily. The future of business in the digital age … Read more

From the Fall 2022 Issue

Risk and Responsibility in the Age of the Cloud


Daren Dunkel, Manager, Enterprise Sales, Amazon Web Services

cloud risk and responsibility

One common question asked when companies look to cloud computing is, “How secure is the cloud?” It’s a crucial question considering the vast majority of organizations are still on premise or in the early days of their cloud migrations. Amongst the many issues to consider are the following: The safe migration and access of key … Read more