Cyber Warfare: Modern Front-lines


Caleb Townsend, Staff Writer, United States Cybersecurity Magazine

Cyber Warfare Computer Screens showing tanks and planes

Cyber Warfare is a broad term that defines a nation state sanctioned attack on a computer system of another country. One accomplishes this by means of hacking, computer viruses, and the like. Cyber Warfare: First as a Term, Then as a Threat However, in some respects, cyber warfare is a hard term to fully define. … Read more

From the Winter 2014 Issue

On the Convergence of Electronic and Cyber Warfare


Anthony J. Stephens Sr., Chief Technology Officer, Cybersecurity Business Sector, The MIL Corporation

Integration of Cyber and Electronic Warfare capabilities has emerged as a principal concern for the U.S. Military. The Air Force, Army, and Department of the Navy are all concerned with developing technologies that will enable Cyber and Electronic Warfare operations from common platforms. The Army has already begun to incorporate, what they’re calling, Cyber Electromagnetic … Read more