From the Spring 2024 Issue

Cracking the Code: Leveraging Deep Learning to Revolutionize Cyber Threat Intelligence


Gaurav Sharma, Director of Operations, Chetu

Cracking the Code: Leveraging Deep Learning to Revolutionize Cyber Threat Intelligence

Hackers and nation-state cybercriminals pose a growing threat to the security of our digital world. No one, from individuals to multi-national corporations to governments, is immune from cyberattacks like data breaches, ransomware attacks, and targeted intrusions. The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report for 2024 ranks cyberattacks as a top five global risk, right after … Read more

From the Winter 2024 Issue


It’s Time for Intelligence Teams to Recommend Operational Changes


A.J. Nash, Vice President of Intelligence, ZeroFOX

AJ Nash winter 2022

Increased Focus on Configuration Management and Crown Jewels is Vital to Success Many experts​​ in cybersecurity talk about the need for “intelligence-driven security,” but most consumers don’t know what to do with the Intelligence they are paying for​ or how to measure the value of the actions taken as a result of that Intelligence. This may be somewhat expected for … Read more

From the Winter 2023 Issue

Shifting from Reactive to Proactive Security is on the Horizon


A.J. Nash, Vice President of Intelligence, ZeroFOX

Reactive to Proactive Security

Security leaders often mention that their primary goal is to get ahead of threats instead of responding after something terrible has been discovered. Yet, despite that consistent target to move from a reactive to a proactive security posture, the majority of cybersecurity budgets and efforts continue to focus in the opposite direction. Let’s dig into … Read more

From the Summer 2022 Issue

Cyber Threat Intelligence Shapes the Future of SOC Operations


Dr. Paul de Souza, President, CSFI

CSFI Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence is critical for Security Operation Center (SOC) operators because it provides information about the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) that attackers use to target their organization. This information can help SOC operators map out the adversary’s kill chain and identify potential Indicators Of Compromise (IOCs). Additionally, cyber threat intelligence can help SOC … Read more

From the Summer 2021 Issue

So, You Want to be a Threat Hunter?


Ray Espinoza, CISO, Cobalt

Threat Hunter

The general goal of threat hunting is to actively identify attackers who have made it past an organization’s cyber-defenses so those infiltrators can be halted before significant damage is done. You can think of threat hunters almost like detectives, on a race against time to catch cybercriminals as quickly as possible. As you can imagine, … Read more

From the Winter 2021 Issue

Threat Intelligence-Led Cybersecurity


Brian Contos, Chief Security Officer, Phosphorus Cybersecurity

Threat Intelligence

Successfully predicting, preventing, detecting, responding, and recovering from cyber-attacks requires you to have in-depth knowledge of the attacker, their tactics, and their techniques. While most organizations operate with some level of threat intel, some still haven’t embraced automation as a way to operationalize intel for the validation of TTPs and IOCs against their security tools, … Read more

From the Fall 2020 Issue

Ransomware Data Leaks Timeline


David Balaban, Editor, Privacy PC


The cyber-extortion plague involving file-encrypting ransomware has hit some major roadblocks since it went pro in 2013. It survived a series of successful law enforcement operations, a sharp turn toward the enterprise as the primary target, and the cryptojacking boom that eclipsed ransomware in terms of potential profits. Having gone through a lot of trial … Read more

Threat Intelligence Basics to Prevent Cyberattacks


Zoe King, ,

threat intelligence concept, lock over laptop, data leak

Cybersecurity threats doubled due to the COVID-19 lockdown, with hackers targeting home-based businesses that have weaker security as a result of new security measures. With that in mind, protecting your organization from such attacks is essential. One effective way to do this is through the use of cyber threat intelligence. This is a crucial element in cybersecurity … Read more

App Access: Life Invasion


Josh Henry, ,

Guy in front off computer with app access

Life Invasion: Your Privacy A problem that has been occurring for years is finally generating concern. 77% of Americans own smart phones. Majority of those people make the mistake of allowing apps such as Facebook to gain access to their camera roll. It all seems innocent until your private photos start trending and get into … Read more

Facebook Terrorist Propaganda


Ed Alcantara, Chief Cyber Intelligence Officer, BLACKOPS Cyber

thumbs down facebook darknet terrorism terrorist propaganda

Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Google, Twitter, Telegram etc.. have all been alerted (for years) to the enormous amount of extremist propaganda found on their platforms, yet they aren’t compelled to proactively monitor their platforms. Recently,…