From the Spring 2022 Issue

CECOM SEC’s Women of Cyber


Ron Lee, CECOM SEC Strategic Communications Specialist, CECOM SEC

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD – The true strength of the U.S. military comes from its diversity. There is not just a diversity of weaponry, equipment, and tactics used on the battlefield with the widely adopted concept of multi-domain operations, but also, diversity in representation, perspectives, and thought. More than ever in its history, women in … Read more

From the Spring 2021 Issue

Addressing Skills and the Gender Gap in Cybersecurity


Carmen Marsh, President and CEO, United Cybersecurity Alliance

Addressing the Skills & Gender Gap in Cybersecurity

There are not enough women being properly trained to meet the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals; therefore, not enough women filling open positions in the cybersecurity field. Even though there has been an uptick in the number of women in cybersecurity, we are still far from having the gender balance needed. Mindset diversity is extremely … Read more

From the Spring 2021 Issue

Diversity and Inclusion in Cybersecurity and Technology


Bob Fabien Zinga, Head of Information Security , Directly, Inc. & U.S. Navy Reserve


The technology workforce should be as diverse as our nation. Diversity is the strength of the United States of America. The national motto, “E Pluribus Unum,” is translated “out of many, one.” In America, people are one nation out of many nationalities. When diversity is represented in hiring practices, organizations become stronger and more resilient. … Read more