From the Fall 2020 Issue

Remote Workforce, Insider Threats, and the Pandemic


Justin Petitt, Director, Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, Edgewater Federal Solutions

Larry Letow, CEO, U.S., CyberCX

Remote Workforce Feature Image

The COVID-19 pandemic requires organizations and individuals to embrace new practices such as social distancing and remote working. While the world is focused on the health and economic threats posed by COVID-19, cyber-criminals around the world are actively capitalizing on this crisis. Organizations around the world have instituted remote, work-from-home policies. While some organizations have … Read more

From the Fall 2020 Issue

The Convergence and Mutual Opportunity of Bio and Cybersecurity


David Anderson, VP, PMO, SimplyPeer

biosecurity and cybersecurity

We are now entering a realm where cybersecurity and biosecurity are forced to converge and evolve rapidly. Digitizing immense amounts of scientific and research data within the life sciences has made cyber threats as concerning, if not more, than the biological risks themselves. This overlap has created a need for cyber biosecurity. By working together, … Read more

Identity of Things: IoT Security


Tricia A. Howard, ,

Hand holding up interconnected city, innovation, IoT security, blue background, abstract

It is no secret that IoT Security (or lack thereof) has taken the industry by storm – and with good reason. Thanks to a couple of newsworthy incidents involving the (in)famous Internet of Things, most organizations are rethinking their overall IoT security posture. However, that is a daunting task to master. With such a variety … Read more

National Cyber Security Awareness Month


Caleb Townsend, Staff Writer, United States Cybersecurity Magazine

National Cyber Security Awareness Month, binary code particles and neon glowing cyber wave. in modern server room

Each October, National Cyber Security Awareness Month rolls around. Sponsored by the National Cyber Security Division, this month encourages us to approach our digital lives with awareness and caution. The NCSA takes time this month to reach out to Americans with tips for cyber hygiene. Additionally, the NCSA provides educational guides to online security. The … Read more

From the Spring 2015 Issue

How to Win at Cyber-Chess: Leveraging Neuro Analytics in Your Cyberspace


Dr. Alenka Brown, President , McClure, Brown & Associates LLC

Mr. Jason Christman, MS, CISSP, PMP, Subject Matter Expert, McClure, Brown, & Associates® LLC

The cyber domain presents limitless opportunities for cyber threat actors while causing significant challenges for cybersecurity professionals. While our current time might be construed by historians as the golden age of cybercrime, it is also an age that offers new ways and means to counter these crimes. Neuro-behavior forensics is such a means, permitting the … Read more

From the Spring 2015 Issue

In 2015, It’s All about the Data


Eric L. Qualkenbush, Director, Office of Central Cover; Director, Training and Education, retired, Central Intelligence Agency

T. Casey Fleming, Chairman and CEO, BLACKOPS Partners Corporation

A New World  2014 taught us that massive security breaches are the new normal for U.S. companies, government agencies, and universities. Some of the most prominent were Target, Home Depot, Neiman Marcus, Apple’s iCloud, Michaels, the U.S. Postal Service, the IRS, Community Health Services, UPS, Staples, the State Department, Sands Casinos, USIS, eBay, PF Chang’s, … Read more