From the Spring 2015 Issue

How to Win at Cyber-Chess: Leveraging Neuro Analytics in Your Cyberspace

Dr. Alenka Brown
President | McClure, Brown & Associates LLC

Mr. Jason Christman, MS, CISSP, PMP
Subject Matter Expert | McClure, Brown, & Associates® LLC

The cyber domain presents limitless opportunities for cyber threat actors while causing significant challenges for cybersecurity professionals. While our current time might be construed by historians as the golden age of cybercrime, it is also an age that offers new ways and means to counter these crimes. Neuro-behavior forensics is such a means, permitting the extraction of analog indicators1 to identify an intruder’s internal thought process – more specifically, the neurocognitive ‘decision’ pattern that aligns with the system or network behavior. This is possible because cyber intruders leave behind cognitive fingerprints with neuro psychometric markers2 that can be translated . . .

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