From the Summer 2023 Issue

Capturing The Sun: Solar and Cybersecurity


Henry J. Sienkiewicz, Faculty, Georgetown University

Thelonious K. Walker II, Alumnus, 2023, Georgetown University

Capturing the Sun

Burning mirrors. Since the seventh century BCE, man has tried to harness the power of the sun. Burning mirrors, magnifying glasses, were used to concentrate the sun’s rays.[1] These burning mirrors were positioned to focus sunlight onto a specific target. The concentrated heat was initially used to light fires; they eventually generated steam, heated fluids, … Read more

From the Summer 2021 Issue

Accelerating Critical Infrastructure Security in The Energy Sector


Chuck Brooks, President , Brooks Consulting International

Accelerating Critical Infrastructure Security in The Energy Sector

Critical energy infrastructure has been under siege by threat actors. The May 7, 2021, cyberattack against Colonial Pipeline is illustrative of the growing impact of cyberthreats on the energy sector and the need to prioritize cyber-defenses. “Senators Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) and Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) recently introduced legislation called The National Risk Management Act that is intended to protect … Read more

From the Summer 2014 Issue

Three Digital Security Trends That Are Shaping the U.S. Nuclear Energy Industry


Herbert Richardson, Vice President of Security and Loss Prevention, AREVA, Inc.

Kelsey McCown, Change Management and Communication Specialist, AREVA, Inc.

Suzanne Delica, Engineer and Media Relations Specialist, AREVA, Inc.

The Heartbleed bug. The Stuxnet virus. Digital sabotage. The digital threats to our critical energy delivery infrastructure are growing daily. Our transparent energy supply is increasingly important to protect and digital security is becoming one of the biggest challenges facing utilities and industry suppliers today.  One example of an industry taking proactive steps for digital … Read more

From the Winter 2014 Issue

The New Energy Landscape: What Leading Companies Need To Know


Emile Trombetti, Senior Vice President, Booz | Allen | Hamilton

Today’s oil and gas executives often take advantage of emerging energy trends and opportunities when assessing business objectives or striving to differentiate products and services in their highly competitive industry. The trends also influence how leaders across the oil and gas enterprise make decisions in an interconnected landscape of risks and rewards, whether they are … Read more

From the Winter 2014 Issue

CYBERSECURITY AND THE ENERGY SECTOR A Question & Answer Interview with AREVA, Inc.


Maryann Healy Horn, ,

AREVA, Inc. addresses the challenges of helping to protect U.S. energy infrastructure from exploitations and cyber threats. To answer some pertinent questions for our readers about AREVA, Inc., Cybersecurity, and the energy sector, the United States Cybersecurity Magazine conducted a Question & Answer interview with AREVA, Inc. The questions were answered by Erik Dorman, Manager … Read more